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Why should you choose Bluehost hosting for your WordPress blog - Successful Bloggers

Why should you choose Bluehost hosting for your WordPress blog


Disclaimer: We are the affiliates of Bluehost. That means if you buy hosting service from any link given in this page then we earn commission. This is without any additional charge on you.

If you have read our blogpost on how to start a blog and make it successful then you must come across Bluehost hosting? Did you think about why are we recommending it? If you then please read further this article where we are going to answer your all questions on Bluehost hosting.

It is the recommended hosting by us. Meaning we tell it to people who want to start a blog and host their website. We don’t recommend it just for shake of it or we don’t know any other hosting about but we have tested it and others as well.

This hosting moves next to other hostings in these areas.


In terms of price, Bluehost is highly cheap. It’s cheaper then many hosting providers out there. Bluehost costs only $2.95/month. It’s cheaper than a cup of coffee in some places. Because hosting is most costly part of a website if software is free, having a website now a days if free. It doesn’t cost anything almost.

One click WordPress installation-

Bluehost comes with a very helpful feature that allows you to install WordPress in just one click. Manually installing the WordPress can be much technical work for layman but installing WordPress on Bluehost is the work of child. It’s so much easy. Credit goes to Bluehost to make it easy.

WordPress recommends Bluehost officially-

Bluehost is great enough that WordPress recommends it officially to people wanting to start a self hosted WordPress site. WordPress includes Bluehost in its list of 4-5 recommended hostings.

Bluehost also supports WordPress by providing its Managed WordPress services separately that gives a secure environment for a WordPress site.

Bluehost guarantees 99.9% of uptime-

Uptime means how much time your website would remain online. If a website becomes closed again and again due to hosting then it is a big loss for a website. Uptime is also a factor for SEO. If a website seems to be closed often then it’s ranking drops sufficiently on Google.


Loading Speed of pages of webs8te is a number one factor for good experience of visitors. Also Google keep in mind that it serve people only fast loading websites hence, experience of people will improve. If a website has low speed during page loading then its ranking will drop fastly on search engines.

High quality customer care sevices-

While running a website, people and well experienced webmasters stuck in many hosting related problems. To provide solutions to these problems and help people, Bluehost officially has a well trained team to help. Irritated people just need to contact through chat or official mobile numbers for help and helping team helps people by listening their problems sincerely.

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