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Why should you blog? - Successful Bloggers

Why should you blog?


After reading a few blogs and watching your friends blogging if you are wondering what are some reasons for which you should be blogging then you are at the right place where we are going to discuss exactly why should you blog?

One person can blog having many different purposes and even without a purpose. Blogging is a versatile activity, it owns its own many domains for only fulfillment of these domains people sometimes do blogging.

If we start “why” before actually covering what is a blog then many of you may be confused reading this article. So, a blog is an online diary that one can keep updated all day to day life by putting content there. On a blog, one can write about anything that he interests.

Why should you blog?

To share your free thoughts-

If you are like person who like to write his thoughts then a blog must be for you. A blog can be your best place to write your continuously coming thoughts out of brain.

You can put here all your thoughts with beautiful images and videos.

Accumulation of research-

Many scientists and PhD students create private blog/public blogs to accumulate their research work. Blogs are nice way to share knowledge among people and colleagues. Because with time, many features and functionalities can be added in blog, blogs are going to be useful for a long time when technology will go high.

Making notes-

Many people, mostly students of something use blogs to make notes on their interested topics. There can be added charts, bars, numbers, graphs, code, scales, text, videos, photos, etc. almost all kind of content in it. It’s highly useful for taking notes.

Blogs can be used to take notes by a group as well as many writers with their own profile can write on a single blog.

Promoting the business-

You can promote your business by continuously writing content around your business niche on a blog. When people need any information, they can go on your blog. From where, they come to know your business.

Many visitors of blog change to being customers of your business. Hence, a blog is indirectly profit generator for your business.

Promoting yourself as writers-

If you are writer of now time, then a blog is surely needed for you. You need a blog to make your audience where you can promote your books and other forms of writings.

Now, many publications before publishing a book demands to show audience of writer. It is, where blog comes in. A popular blog can appease all publications to publish the book.

Making money by affiliate marketing and Adsense-

There are Bloggers called professional Bloggers. They live their life only on their blogs. These people earn money through their blogs and it’s the main source of their income.

Many of these bloggers earn money through affiliate marketing and Adsense. Affiliate marketing is promoting products of others and getting commission on making a sale. And Adsense is showing ads on blogs on a number of different places. When any visitor clicks on these ads, you get money.

Improving concentration and thinking power-

A blog is a powerful tool to improve one’s thinking and concentration power. One has to just write and write on a blog that requires concentration to think hence, concentration and thinking both powers enhances.

A blogger becomes much thoughtful than many folks and search solutions of problems fast.

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