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Successful Bloggers with their cars - Successful Bloggers

Successful Bloggers with their cars


Do you want to know which blogger has which car? Then this post is going to be for you. In this post, we will tell you some of the successful Bloggers and their cars.

Please note that we are providing this information based on our research. These may be not their present time cars and we don’t know how many cars they actually own. But what we have researched and found is in front of your eyes.

Some of the successful Bloggers with their cars-

Timothy Sykes has a collection of Luxury cars

Self made millionere by the age of 21, penny trader and blogger Timothy Sykes has a collection of Luxury cars. He owns a Lamborghini Gallardo, ferrari, McLaren 650S, and a Rolls Royce. If you want to know more about his cars then advised is please check his Instagram account where he puts all his photos of cars on.

Syed Balkhi, founder of wpBeginner owns a Porsche 911.

Syed Balkhi carried this car on WpBeginner’s 9th birthday.

Neil Patel told in his blogpost published on entrepreneur in 2016 that he doesn’t own a car.

In a blogpost written on entrepreneur, linked here, Neil told that he does not own a car. He used to ride his parents car, 89 Toyota camera some years ago, after that he bought 98 Honda civic. When he started earning more money then he purchased Nissan Versa. But he gave them away to other people in change of free rides when he wanted.

Harsh Agrawal owns a Volvo XC60

In 2010, Harsh bought his first car Swift Deisel. He made trips around for 7 years with this car and thought about buying something bigger in 2017. After testing and researching many cars he bought Volvo XC60 in January 2018.

Pritam Nagrale owns a BMW

Pritam Nagrale is the founder of two popular blogs on money making, and Surejob.

He is also running a digital marketing training center named Dmatic digital in Mumbai.

Amit Agrawal bought Honda CRV in 2010

It’s has been passed a long time from then that one of the first blogger from India, Amit Agrawal bought a Honda CRV car. The interesting fact is he bought it from his Adsense earning.

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