Shivya Nathan: How this girl became Travel blogging inspiration for most of Indians


Shivya Nathan is a Popular Indian travel blogger and instagramer. His Instagram account is all about travel and solo travel and digital nomadic lifestyle.

She runs a travel blog named the shooting star. This blog is continuously growing with mind blowing travel stories and photos captured by her.

She has also written a book on her travel lifestyle that has been once national best seller.

She has written on her blog that she was just graduated at that time with big student loan. But say it luck that all the companies in which she wanted to work had ceased hiring at that time, 2009 and she got a Job in Singapore tourism board. Where she worked on social media sites, and hence come across and got interested in travel blogging.

In 2011, she took 2 months of sabbatical leave from work to travel and enjoyed most of her life than ever in these two months, she told in her blog. She ended up deciding to be a travel blogger henceforth.

Through her travel blogging, she was managed to pay her $26,000 student loan. She financed her travels as a digital nomad. If you don’t know about digital nomad then it is person who earns his income online and doesn’t be bound to a place.

She finances her travels through many projects provided by travel companies, brand collaborations, Instagram marketing, and freelancing, etc.

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