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Pritam Nagrale: One of the most inspiring Bloggers india - Successful Bloggers

Pritam Nagrale: One of the most inspiring Bloggers india


Did you ever listened about Pritam Nagrale? Who is he? If you didn’t then you will know about him in this post and get inspiration from his story.

Pritam Nagrale is a professional Indian blogger. He has got everything that he desired about. Now, he own a BMW car, lives in Mumbai, and earns around 15 lakhs to 25 lakhs per month. Getting this much of wealth is not a simple matter in india.

He is different than most of the Bloggers is that he did a long time wait when his first income came to him. He had waited almost 3 years for his first income check through online and even then he kept it on. That check was not good enough. This is fact that inspires most of the new Bloggers out there.

That you have to be patient.

Although it was not blogging for which he was waited so long. He was doing some affiliate marketing work back then. He started to know about online working in 2001 and his first check came in 2004.

Before making online income as his full time career, Pritam sold computer hardware. For this, he was not earning well.

His first blog was a tech blog named, started in 2009 but failed due to his not being into tech more. After that he started a site on his favorite niche money making, named but failed.

He started another site on the same niche named, it was carrying him a little success but penalized by Google. Then finally came two money making blogs in 2012 named and These final blogs became a huge success for him and still running successfully.

Now, with these two blogs he is making thousands of dollars per month and he is happy with it.

After a long journey as an successful Internet marketer. Pritam started a YouTube channel that aims to teach people digital marketing. If you want to learn Digital marketing from such an experienced digital marketer then watch his YouTube channel.

Wanting to start your own blog? We have written a guide for you.

How to start a blog and make it successful?

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