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6 Most popular Indian Bloggers - Successful Bloggers

6 Most popular Indian Bloggers


Here is a list of most popular Indian bloggers. These Bloggers have possessed a long time with their blogs to carry them on top. It doesn’t seem to be an easy work. So, these Bloggers are inspirations of every inspiring Indian Bloggers.

Well, thousands of new blogs start every day and very few of them reach to the top due to the hard work of their writers and marketers. These bloggers must have something different than most of the others that are not being successful. If you watch their blogs deeply you will find that some qualities of all these blogs are common. You should note down these common qualities as a blogger and try to implement them on your blogs too to get success.

Top Indian bloggers-

Amit Agrawal-

Amit Agrawal is said to be the pioneer of the Indian blogging industry. He is thought to be very first blogger in India. Basically, Amit Agrawal is an tech blogger. His Blog named is a powerful resource site for Internet, and software tips, trick and guides.

He owns other sites and projects as well but popularly known for his blog,

He is an IIT graduated Engineer turned blogger. Before into blogging, he worked with software companies.

Amit possess high level coding skills and with them he has already developed many tools. He told about his various tools in his blog and earns by selling them.

Amit’s main income comes from Adsense ads. When you’ll visit his site, you know how Adsense ads become highly converting for him.

The Alexa rank of blog is continuously improving with near 11,000 of now.

Harsh Agrawal-

Harsh Agrawal is known for the blog Shoutmeloud discusses basically Internet marketing and living the boss free life using Internet. It is really helpful resource available for online entrepreneurs.

Harsh Agrawal has given almost 10 most important years to the site by writing continuously high quality content on the site. His site is read worldwide with millions of visitors per month.

Harsh Agrawal also comes in Indian highly earning Bloggers with his monthly 50,000+ income through blogging. His most of income part comes from Affiliate marketing, and self written books. Harsh possess a network of blogs and he applied Google Adsense for income on some blogs.

Pritam Nagrale

Pritam Nagrale is owner of two popular blogs namely,, and Surejob. Both of these blogs are based on career advise and money making.

Pritam’s both blogs have good readership on the Internet. He receives millions of page views on both blogs per month and earns through Google Adsense mainly. His Google Adsense earning are around 15-20 lakhs per month.

Shivya Nathan-

She is a travel blogger. Her blog is the shooting star. She writes about things like where should one stay, which is better place to have a tea in a specific place, which place is must visited in a specific area, etc.

She told that she makes minimum 2 lakhs of rupees per month from her blog. And finances all her travels with that money.

Shivya’s writing style is pleasful to read and when she add beautiful photos of her travels. It turns her blog a beautiful journey where one always wants to go.

Shrinivash Tamada-

Shrinivash Tamada is a USA based Web architect and blogger. He is the founder of blog. explains seemingly hard concepts on programming in simple language. It covers Web development topics mostly. If you want to learn Php then it’s good resource to go. must be earning around more than 10 lakhs rupees per month.

Ankur Aggarwal-

Ankur Aggarwal is running some blogs and also a YouTube channel. His YouTube channel named Ankur Aggarwal has almost 241k subscribers. Where he teaches Digital marketing freely to people. Well, he is running a few websites but many of them are anonymous for people. is his personal blog dedicated to blogging, and digital marketing. In this blog, he also posts his income reports according to those income reports, he easily earns almost $33,000 per month. If you convert this amount into Indian currency then it equals to 23,10,000 rupees.

Earning this much amount of money for most of Indians is just dreaming.

These people are not got success in just a night but their struggles are long. You won’t believe some waited at least 1 year of long time before the first check.

But this long year of time they took because of lack of knowledge. At that time, there were not much people teaching blogging. So, these people didn’t have enough blogging knowledge that they could earn money. But if you follow us then we will tell you our most secret methods and tactics to earn money fast from a blog. Previously, we have helped thousands of people in getting success through their blogs and now we want you that you got the success.

Your lessons start after starting a blog. So firstly start a blog through our own written blogging guide on starting a blog in right way.

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