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How to start a blog and make it successful - Successful Bloggers

How to start a blog and make it successful


After looking many successful Bloggers and inspiring from their King sized comfortable lifestyle you must looking to methods to start your own blog. We want to tell you that it may be your life changing game if you started it well. To start a blog from scratch and carrying it to the top may sweat most people but if hard work would turned to smart work everything would be simpler than you may think. Don’t forget Bill Gates, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, etc all were smart people who did work in very short time that could take 100s of years.

So, In blogging as well, if the work is done smartly then chances of success increases ultimately.

Let’s discuss our smart way to start blogging-

Choose a topic that is near your heart-

Before starting a blog think about the topic on which you will do blogging. If you will start a blog on a topic after seeing someone other or forcing a wrong topic on yourself, within few months, you were seeing your most black nights. Believe me.

Just opposite to that, if the topic will be near your heart and you can think around that topic whole day and night then nothing is going to stop you from being successful. Because if anyhow you stucked somewhere, you’re going to come out from this problem by throwing a bunch of hands and feet here and there.

Benefits of choosing a blog topic in which you are already loving-

  • You can be producing more high quality content in less time. Blogs are like beast. Whatever you would put inside them is lacking.
  • You can research around the topic whole day and night and turn yourself in an authority.
  • You will love your blog because of topic and that will show up in your writings. It will put positive affect on people for your brand.

Choose a unforgettable and easy to pronounce domain name-

Most people think highly complicated domain names based on their thinking but it is the worst mistake they make in their blogging journey.

Generally, people struggle to memorize complicated domain name. It is not even easy to muscle memorize the domain name due to its complexity. Think about situation where you need to download music. You would simply go for the website that comes on tounge first. Is not it?

Now, think about the situation for your blog. Question yourself, Is your domain name easy enough that it will come on tounge of people?

You don’t require to buy a domain name separately as you can get one freely with the hosting that we will tell you next.

Choose a right blogging platform that provides you freedom-

Well, blog can be started freely on blogspot, and tumbler kind of platforms but they are very limited platforms and you don’t control fully your blog on these platforms. Instead it is WordPress that makes everything so much easy and you control everything showing on your site.

Buy a right hosting for your blog-

Our meaning by right hosting is, it should have almost 100% uptime, speed should be high, customer care services should be high quality, and security is must. When you would go on the Internet then you may overwhelm reading long technical articles filled with technical terms.

So, for you, we have removed all your research burden by telling you the most reliable host. It is bluehost, the all time best and trusted by millions of Web owners.

Why is Bluehost good?

Bluehost is good for the blog because it provides speed, security, WordPress management services, and high quality customer care services.

Bluehost allows you install WordPress by only clicking on a button. You don’t require to do nothing but only click a button to start a website after buying bluehost hosting that is almost free.

Install premium themes for good looks-

A theme for a website is like clothes for man. If a man wear bad looking clothes then no one would say that the man is looking good. Same that way if a website is having low quality theme then it will look low quality. So, Right themes are very important for a website.

There are many free themes available freely in WordPress theme directory but it is much hard to customize free themes, generally, it require you programming skills. On the other hand, premium themes are easily customizable with their many features. You can make your desired looking website with the help of premium theme. Here we are recommending these some themes to you-

  • Divi
  • Avada
  • Genesis

Install all main and required plugins-

It is not very much required that you install these plugins but these some plugins are extremely helpful for a blogger and needs to be installed by every blogger.

Jetpack- Jetpack is the first plugin to install. It allows you to secure your website by locking suspescious IPs. Jetpack can apply lazy loading for images. Most importantly, if you are wanting to manage your blog on your android device through the app or use dashboard then Jetpack plugin is required to make connection.

Yoast SEO- Probably, you were writing your blog that people will read it. But if there is no traffic then no one will read your blog. For reaching to more people, you have to optimize the blog for search engines. This optimization process becomes greatly easy with Yoast plugin.

Publish your articles

Now, it’s time to write your articles and publish them. For writing an article, you need to go to WordPress admin, type this Web address in your browser for reaching to your admin.

You need to replace with your own Web address.

This page will ask you for username and password. Put in your username and password and Admin dashboard will be opened in front of you.

Here, click on Posts>>New Post for starting to write an article. Aside writing space, a button of publish can be used to publish the article online.

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