How to get a free Domain name for your blog

Domain is first asset for the blog. A domain is the name of the website like,, etc.

Getting a free Domain name is easy now days. You can get a free Domain name while buying a hosting service. Well, domain name doesn’t cost more($10-$12) but for some people they are very much. In some countries, even $10 is huge amount. For these people, getting a free Domain is great help to establish themselves on the Internet.

Below we are telling to getting free Domain name-

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You can get a free Domain name by buying hosting service for your website from Bluehost. Bluehost provides you an opportunity to use a domain name for first year freely without spending a single dime on domain name.

You can choose any domain extension such as .com, .Org, .in, etc. from Bluehost freely for first year.

If you want to know one-two other good hosting companies which provide free domain names. Then check out this-

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