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How Harsh Agrawal makes $50,000/month with blogging - Successful Bloggers

How Harsh Agrawal makes $50,000/month with blogging


It is the story of famous Indian blogger Harsh Agrawal, who became the inspiration for thousands of other people. Harsh Agrawal is blogging from very starting days when India was just started to having enough number of Bloggers. It got 11 years since then. Now when many businesses and people are going online for business. His website named SHOUTMELOUD is helping thousands of these people.

Actually, SHOUTMELOUD is a website that teaches people to run businesses online basically with blogs, online marketing, SEO, and video marketing, etc.
SHOUTMELOUD ranks higher in Alexa rank(below 30,000 in world) and developed its brand.

Harsh Agrawal was working as a call center boy when he founded his first blog on Google free blogger platform. He started writing everything that he knew at that time. As he told in his blog post, that at that time he was more interested in network and computer security, so he started with an orkut community named “underground world”. Underground world domain was already taken so he started with

From this blog he was started getting good response. So, he considered to make some investment into his blog and bought Web hosting and domain name for the blog. He migrated his blog to WordPress platform.

The domain he bought was and it is how came into existence. At that time, he had knew that blogging can make money. So, he started with the mission that he will tell everyone how to make money blogging because there were enough tech blogs but rarely people were talking about earning money blogging, especially in India. Might be he already knew about it that uniqueness would carry him success.

How Harsh Agrawal made his first income?

Harsh Agrawal made his first online income by helping a 45 years old with a WordPress issue. He got $10 for it.

He after that implemented Google adsense in his blog and ended up earning almost $40 in first month. Off course that might be a pleasful moment for him.

Harsh runs a network of blogs consisting many blogs in this network. He many times has revealed his income reports and according to those reports he was earning around $40,000. Now his estimated income must be $50,000/month.

How Harsh Agrawal earns that much amount of money just through a blog?

Actually, It is not the blog that earns for him that much amount of money but these are the real sources of his income-
1. Affiliate marketing– He does affiliate marketing at broad level that makes the most of his income. In case if you don’t know about affiliate marketing then it is promoting other’s products for a commission that comes when a sell is made. For example- Harsh Agrawal promotes kinsta hosting through his blog when a sell is made by his efforts then commission rolls to him.

2. Sponsored posts– Harsh Agrawal also does sponsored posts to add some amount in his income. Sponsored posting is basically writing posts asked by companies to write on blog hence, company/company products gets promoted. In change for the blog post you can charge them.

3. Adsense– Harsh Agrawal has a network of blogs. Some of his blogs are monetized by Adsense program. Adsense is a Google’s advertisement program that used to run advertising on Web. Anyone can join this program and start to show ads on their websites. It is a PPC program that generates income when any visitor clicks on an ad.

4. Selling own products– Harsh Agrawal also he’s written many books around his blog niche. He promotes those books and many people buy them.

these are the main income sources of his income.

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