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How Alex and Lauren Make $100,000/month - Successful Bloggers

How Alex and Lauren Make $100,000/month


Alex and Lauren are two Tinder made couple. These two swiped for each other on Tinder, that is a popular love and dating app back in 2014 when these both met to each other and accepted.

At that time, Alex is working as a trainer and running a gym but that was not making any good to him. He felt mediocre with his Gym. Lauren has been not making enough even working 9-5 plus 80hours/week in tax sessions. She was making highly lesser for an MBA with CPA license.

These two were in their twenties and really wanting to enjoy their life. But not being enough time to do anything else and not having enough money to survive on were reasons that were limiting their freedom in this young age.

The turning point came after Alex attended entrepreneur conference. From their, Alex decided to start a health and fitness website as his background was fitness. He started a website and didn’t know
at that time that what he is doing is called blogging. It is also how his girlfriend Lauren learned about blogging and joined Alex. The blog was named health and happy hour. Both realized after three months of working on the website that they have failed.

They didn’t leave on blogging now. They registered a new domain named on September 25, 2015. It became a health and fitness website. This time their approach was different and based on their previous mistakes.

Previously they were blogging on what they liked but now their focus was what were others loving. It was also a long time struggle, almost 6 months that they had to wait until they saw their first income. But within the first year of blog they ended up earning $100, 000. It was a huge success for them.

After that, they started a site to document their Journey under the domain name of create and go. It had become a great success within few months because they were sharing highly valuable steps in blogging enterprenureship followed by them to run their greatly successful health and fitness blog, Avocadu.

Createandgo is website about Bloggers, making money blogging, running a blog successfully, etc. Means Create and Go is a world to visit for every blogger who wants success.

How Alex and Lauren earns such a huge money from just a blog?

Actually, Alex and Lauren have developed many sources of income within their blogs. Content on their blogs is used as a marketing material for their products to sell. They are selling self written guides related to their niches, they do affiliate marketing as second big source of income.

How Alex and Lauren get their most traffic?

These people are not just focused very much on Google to drive traffic to their blogs. But they are using social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. Pinterest avails most of their visitors. If you don’t know about Pinterest then you should know that it is a half social and half search engine kind of application, where people search for different ideas and save them in boards.

Almost every Pin by them get good number of Pins and visited till the website. It’s regularly updated Pinterest account there that shares the best tips and tricks about blogging and hence, worth to follow on Pinterest for a blogger.

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